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InnerRhythms Yearend Showcase

InnerRhythms Goes to Broadway

TWO SHOWS! 5:30PM Evening Shows
Friday and Saturday, June 14-15, 2024
at Truckee High School Auditorium

Both shows have SOLD OUT. Please use the ZOOM LIVESTREAM available below:


Performance Day Performer Info

  • DANCERS SHOULD ARRIVE by 4:30pm on the day of show. **Minis can arrive at 5:00pm. **Please allow enough time for parking!
  • Dancers Levels 2 & up report to stage for company warm up at 4:45pm.
  • Defer to your dance instructor(s) for appropriate hair/makeup for your dancer’s performance.
  • Be sure you have the appropriate tights (if requested for your costume) and appropriate shoes.
  • Have your dancer bring a water bottle and snacks that will not stain their costume.
  • All dancers are to remain in the large gym during the show; we have several parent & teen volunteers who will chaperone all children in the gym for the duration of the showcase. Additional volunteers will assist in walking them to and from the stage.
  • Green Room is ONLY for high school-aged dancers who are performing in more than one piece for costume changing purposes.
  • Elementary-aged dancers who require a costume change may change in the gym with the assistance of one of the adult chaperones. Privacy curtain will be provided. **Please let a chaperone know if your dancer is performing in more than one piece that requires a costume change.
  • If your dancer has multiple costumes, we recommend using a laundry basket to hold their things.
  • It is best practice for all dancers to remain in gym until the end of show to participate in bows!

Performance Day Minis Info

  • Please arrive by 4:30pm, IN COSTUME and ready to perform.
  • Dancers to go straight to the gym and remain in the gym except for when they are on stage dancing. There will be plenty of volunteers and teen dancers in the gym prior to the show.
  • We encourage you to bring coloring books or activities your child may enjoy while waiting.

Performance Day Audience Info

    • Doors open 30 minutes before the show at 5:00pm.
    • Show times are 5:30pm, Friday and Saturday, June 14-15 at the Truckee High School Auditorium.
    • Address for High School is: 11725 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA.
    • Tickets can be purchased on the InnerRhythms website, or at the door ONLY if the shows are not sold out.
      • $20 per adult
      • $15 Senior Citizens, Military, Students
      • $10 Children under 17
      • Free: Children 4 and younger if they are sitting in laps
    • We will have single flowers and small bouquets available for purchase at the show. You can also pre-purchase and reserve your flowers online.
      • $5.00 single flower arrangement
      • $10.00 small bouquet
    • There will be a 15 minute intermission and refreshments will be available then.
    • Duration of show, including intermission, is estimated to be 2 hours.

There is plenty of parking in the front of the high school. The theater is accessed easily by entering the front doors and following the corridor straight ahead. *DO NOT park in the West Wing Parking lot as doors may not be unlocked on that side of the building.

Seating is limited. We kindly ask that families adhere to the following:
Families MUST purchase tickets for every individual who is attending the show.
Babies, toddlers, children under 4 may sit on laps, without a ticket.
Doors Open at 5:00pm. Seats may NOT be reserved before doors open. Seating is first come first served. If personal items are used to hold seats before the doors open, those items will be removed and placed in the gym.
There will be plenty of adult volunteers chaperoning all children in the gym before, and during the shows, so you may drop your dancer early, and get in line for the theater.
We are teaching our children what to expect as they enter theaters throughout the world. Let’s make sure the audience also follow best theater practices:
Arrive early so you have time to drop your dancer off, get in the ticketing line, and find seats so we can start the show on time.
Turn your phones to silent. We understand you want to take photos and video. Please be courteous to the audience members around you. No flash photography. We also have a professional videographer capturing the full show and we will distribute that video after the Showcase.
We want to minimize the theater doors opening during the performance as it can be dangerous for our dancers and it disrupts the videographer, audio/visual staff, and audience members. Doors will only be opened in between dances. Please listen for applause and enter at that time.
Please review the Order of Show before the night of the performance, so you know when your child is performing.
Stay until curtain call.
Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have. Please email to

THANK YOU for helping us make this a wonderful Showcase!

Tech Rehearsal Info (Wednesday, June 12)

  • MiniRhythms & MiniHoppers ONLY arrive in costume for Tech Rehearsal. All other dancers NO costumes needed for Tech Rehearsal–just wear normal dancewear.
  • Tech rehearsal times are here.
  • Dancers must arrive 15 minutes before their slotted dance time(s).
  • Upon arrival at Truckee High School for Tech rehearsal, dancers proceed to theater and wait QUIETLY in audience seats until your group is called. You will find other dancers from your class in seats and you may gather with your group, as well. Your instructor will find your group and advise you/ give further instruction as needed.
    Upon completion of stage rehearsal, students are free to leave.

Dress Rehearsal Info (Thursday, June 13)

  • MiniRhythms & MiniHoppers DO NOT ATTEND DRESS REHEARSAL.
  • All DANCERS arrive at 4:00pm for a 4:30pm start. Full costume and hair required, no make-up.
  • Sit quietly in theater seats until your group is called, then proceed to the hallway near side-stage to be stage ready.
  • Dancers performing in more than one piece may change in Green Room, Restroom, or Hallway. If your dancer has multiple costumes, we recommend using a laundry basket to hold their things.
  • ALL DANCERS to remain in the theater until end of show to practice finale bows.
  • Dress Rehearsal will run approx 2 hours in total.
    Performance Day (Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15)